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Raquel Wynn
Integrated Wellness Specialist

With over 25 years of education and research combined with practical and professional experience in numemrous modalities, I can navigate your wellness journey with grace, ease, humor, and kindness. Effective, streamlined protocols create flow and healing, and the best part is they take very little time and commitment.

This simple act of committing to yourself, taking time each day to give yourself the gifts of breath, movement, and other prescriptions we will discuss, allows you to fully breath into and inhabit your highest, most truly well self.

Our time together will be simple and informative, yet profound in application. While exhaustive wellness-related laundry lists do have their vital place (supplements, exercise, medication, appointments, etc.) there is yet a simple way to get back in touch with yourself and your body, becoming whole.

It is my experience that such wholeness and integration lead to lasting peace and health. Allow me to show you what I have learned along my journey.


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Stephanie Kemp
Holistic Personal Trainer/ Macrobiotic Coach

With over 15 years of experience in the Wellness field, I’ve worked with all levels of disease and health using nutrients, herbs, home remedies, movement, and mindset. My goal is to help you create more alignment in your body by implementing an individualized, holistic approach to wellness. I have seen the body take control in the healing process when it is given the right tools. Let us work together to find your body the best medicine.

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